Top ten takeaways from the 2015 Widen Summit

by Laurel Norris, October 28, 2015

People come to the annual Widen Summit with a general goal in mind – to learn more about the Media Collective. Learning might mean gaining new skills, discovering new features, getting to know Widen staff, or expanding professional networks.

With so many great, information-filled sessions offered at this year's Summit, we know it’s not easy to absorb everything. In fact, it is impossible to attend all the sessions. Plus, you may come in focused on a few topics and if you are new to digital asset management (DAM), you’re dealing with a lot of new information.

No worry! We’re bringing you the top 10 takeaways and topics from the 2015 Widen Summit so that you can get a full view of the Summit and all it has to offer.

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Insights: Use analytic data in Media Collective to drive content strategy

by Laurel Norris, October 22, 2015

After the DAM Insights session at the Widen Summit, I'm excited to share how data on your digital assets can answer questions and drive decision making. Insights is a new application in the Media Collective that gives you data on how and where asset collections are being used.

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Jonah Berger and contagious content at the Widen Summit

by Laurel Norris, October 20, 2015

You are probably familiar with traditional marketing and advertising methods, made popular by shows like Mad Men. The scene is a boardroom full of white men in suits, smoking cigarettes and drinking martinis while they develop splashy campaigns for print, TV, and radio.

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Join the Widen Summit Webinars Nov 4th - Jan 20th

by Laurel Norris, October 19, 2015

The annual Widen User Summit begins today at the Concourse Hotel in downtown Madison, WI. We’re so excited to host a couple hundred customers, and if you can’t make it we’ll bring the Summit to you.

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Widen Summit 2015: Who to expect

by Laurel Norris, October 14, 2015

Conferences. They can be awesome and...awkward. Raise your hand if you’re familiar with the scene below.

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Being a Widen DAMster: An interview with Jennifer Neer, Data Integration Specialist, Polywood

by Nina Brakel-Schutt, October 14, 2015

We recently caught up with Widen customer, Jennifer Neer, at the Henry Stewart digital asset management conference in Chicago. We we so impressed by her knowledge of information systems and integrations that we thought she would make an awesome DAMster interview.

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Battle for the promised land in customer experience

by Widen Marketing, October 8, 2015

Content marketing is where it's at, with 300 percent more leads and 600–700 percent more conversions. But where are things going from here? The answer is customer experience. We are on the bleeding edge of a new era, and it's a battlefield out there!

“By 2016, 89 percent of companies expect to compete mostly on the basis of customer experience, versus 36 percent four years ago.” — GARTNER.

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The top 10 reasons to join us for the 2015 Widen Summit

by Melanie Olsen, October 1, 2015

There are less than three weeks before we gather for the biggest DAM conference in the Midwest - the Widen Summit! We are pumped for three solid days of learning, networking, problem solving, laughing, best practic(ing) and enjoying more than enough fun, food and drink!

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Media Collective Insights: digital asset management analytics for the smarter marketer

by Libby Maurer, September 30, 2015

Media Collective v9.0 is here! Our latest release introduces Insights, our powerful new digital asset management analytics tool. Here are a few reasons we’re thrilled to share it:

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Our 3 favorite things from Content Marketing World

by Jake Athey, September 23, 2015

It's been just over a week since our team returned from Cleveland with loads of excitement from Content Marketing World. We’ve gathered a number of takeaways from attendees at the show and we're delighted to share our picks for the top 3 things collected during our time in Cleveland.

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